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Press Release: Marketplace Industry Association Sponsors California SB 1039 Protecting Independent Workers

California Legislature set to act on newly introduced legislation that creates a third classification of worker complete with legal benefits and protections. click here to read more

It's Time for Marketplaces to Unite Around AB5
Source: Marketplace Risk

California’s Assembly Bill 5, also known simply as “AB5,” is set to become law - it goes into effect January 1, 2020. What many in the marketplace ecosystem have not considered until recently, especially those headquartered outside of California and those without operations in the State, is how AB5 may adversely impact their business. The reality is that AB5 in its current form could impede the future of the marketplace business model and severely limit the opportunities afforded to millions of workers who find work through marketplaces, in addition to limiting consumer choice for services available through marketplaces. So, it’s time for marketplaces to work together to come up with a solution to AB5 - this is our opportunity to work together to build marketplace businesses and grow the workforce while improving conditions for workers and benefitting consumers. click here to read more

AB5 Updates
Source: Marketplace Risk

Join members of the Marketplace Industry Association from around the country for a dinner ahead of the biannual meeting. click here to read more


AB5 is now law in California. Now what?
Source: JDSupra

On September 18, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a contentious piece of legislation—AB5—that could potentially reclassify millions of independent contractors as employees and dramatically reshape the future of independent workforces in California and beyond. click here to read more

Fixing The Gig Economy Doesn’t Require Turning All Uber Drivers Into Employees
Source: Daily Caller

While new technologies have enabled new economic opportunities and labor arrangements, current laws largely treat employment as a binary between independent contractors and full-time employees. This limits employers who might otherwise want to offer some, but not all benefits; and unnecessarily restricts employees who need flexibility and the ability to set their own hours. click here to read more

New York State Senate to Examine Gig Economy

Source: Cheddar

Jay Bregman, co-founder and CEO of Thimble, discusses the gig economy landscape ahead of his testimony in front of New York State Senators on the subject. click here to read more

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