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Marketplace Industry Association

United We Stand


We all know that working together makes sense. That’s why we want to connect the marketplace industry. By collaborating, we can create an industry that’s bigger, better, smarter, and more successful for marketplaces, workers, and consumers.

Our mission

Our mission is to represent, educate and advocate for the benefit of the marketplace industry, and to better serve those who exchange goods, services and property through marketplaces. We do this by making the Marketplace Industry Association the go-to organization for all of the stakeholders within the marketplace ecosystem. We are an inclusive group where everyone involved is as passionate as we are about marketplaces. Marketplaces join because they trust our expertise, rely on our resources, value our influence and positive impact, and are stimulated by our thought leadership.

Our story


The Marketplace Industry Association was born out of the Marketplace Risk Management Conference after industry-leading marketplaces recognized the need for a collective voice for the industry. To that end, a core group of marketplaces got together to identify common issues facing the marketplace industry and formulated a plan for what this could look like. Working with founders, executives and operators from across the country, the Marketplace Industry Association was formed. 

Our goals


"Make no small plans..." - Daniel Burnham.

Through regular membership meetings, in-person events conferences, virtual events, advocacy and lobbying initiatives, we aim to connect the marketplace industry as well as identify principles for operating marketplaces in the US. At the outset, we aim to provide information and education on some of these topics:


  • Platform trust and safety tools, resources and best practices

  • Demand side issues, including buyer benefits and protections

  • Supply side issues, including seller benefits and protections 

  • Navigating state and federal worker classification regulations

  • Data privacy and data security, including CCPA and GDPR compliance

  • Customer service and dispute resolution best practices

  • Communications Decency Act §230 benefits and protections

  • Updates on evolving laws, regulations and compliance 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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